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Year: 2011
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy

  • Platform: Android
  • Hours logged: 7.0
  • Playthroughs: 3
  • Rating: 10/10

  • Platform: Android
  • Hours logged: 29.5
  • Playthroughs: 3
  • Rating: 10/10

Notes and Discussions:
  • Shane (11/15/2014): Yes yes yes!  This was a great game! Lee played this one first and reported to me that it was amazing.  I booted it up, but was underwhelmed at first.  It took a full playthrough (about 3-4 hours) before I realized that I really wanted to play again.  So I did.

    All told, I played through three times and might hit it again when I have time.  I am curious about what other "win" conditions I might find with subsequent playthroughs.  I would report on which story-lines I completed, but I think that would constitute spoilers, so I won't post that publicly. If anyone wants to know more you can add a note to the comments section and I would be happy to expand.  The different methods of winning are well placed though, and I am excited about seeing the patterns that I missed.

    This is a turn based game, which is nice for those of us who can not dedicate a full hour at a time for playing.  A turn or "day" can easily fit into a latrine break.  (Side note: this game made me want to play "Final Fantasy Tactics" again.  I have a copy of it for Gameboy, but unfortunately, I lost my Gameboy in my last house move.  I would pick it up again if it ever comes out for Android.)  Someday I will be back to a point in my life where I can sit and play a full game of something, but that will likely be after I am done with school.  Until then, I will celebrate turn based games, I guess.

    I will happily recommend this game to "choose your own adventure" fans and to people who need something to entertain themselves while they squat.  I am happy I played it and intend to hit this one again.

  • Lee (11/17/2014): We picked this one up as part of the Humble Bundle Halloween pack, and I've got to say, this game is amazing! Finally, I found an Android game that I am happy to give a 10. And having Shane drop a 10 on it as well is definitely saying something: if you are a fan of playing games on your mobile device...BUY THIS!

    To learn the game mechanics, I started out in a "typical" size city on the "pretty easy" difficulty. I definitely made some mistakes, but the game is very forgiving on the easiest difficulty. It was actually a very enjoyable experience getting to experiment with new strategies, techniques, and game choices without having to worry about ruining my chances of survival. True "Lee Mode." Fantastic! After achieving a few of the endings, I started another game, this time in a "big" city on the "kind of tough" difficulty. During this playthrough, I started getting hit by more waves of zombies, but I was also developing new, more effective strategies of fighting back. I won without too much difficulty, but there was definitely more challenge and risk involved. I was feeling pretty confident in my zombie fighting abilities, so I started another game on "challenging," the third of five difficulty levels. I quickly got my ass handed to me.

    My frustration of getting so thoroughly ripped to shreds didn't last very long, but I knew that I needed to do some research before taking another crack at it. To the intarweb! A Google search of "rebuild game strategy" will show you the true depth of this game. There are forums full of discussions on tactics and strategy for Rebuild. Several of the forum posts seemed to have been written by people who didn't pass fourth grade English class, but I did manage to find a few readable entries that had some very clever ideas for how to survive some of the harder difficulties.

    **If you would rather use trial and error to learn this game, then skip over this paragraph.**
    Here are a few tips that helped me out greatly, while tackling a "huge" city on the "challenging" difficulty:
    - Personnel distribution: 2 leaders, 6 builders, 6 scientists, and train all the rest as soldiers.
    - Another post (with confirmation from Shane) explained that if you put all of your unused people on guard duty before ending each day, then every time a zombie attack happens, all of these "guards" will increase in soldier ability.
    - Shane and I agreed that scavenging for scraps is likely a waste of time.
    - Building priority: Hospital -> Laboratory -> Police Stations -> everything else as needed.
    - Research the cure for zombieism as soon as possible, then research everything else.
    - Convert drive-ins, restaurants, and other useless blocks to something more useful (housing, bars/churches, farms).
    **End of strategy discussion.**

    I really can't recommend this game enough. I'm itching to see if I can beat the game on "seriously hard" difficulty... I'll report back here when I do.

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