Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Box Cat

Year: 2011
Genre: General
Website: http://www.noodlecake.com/presskits/box-cat-and-bloop/

  • Platform: Android
  • Hours logged: 0.5
  • Playthroughs: --
  • Rating: --/10

Notes and Discussions:
  • Lee (6/23/2015): A TriMet MAX ride from Beaverton to the Portland Airport takes about 1.5 hours. A flight from Portland to San Diego takes about two hours, and we all know you should always arrive at the airport an hour early. So, while traveling to SD for vacation last week, Julie and I had several hours to kill, and what better way is there to kill time than playing a mobile game? I have accumulated dozens of Android games from various Humble Mobile Bundles, so I picked one from the list that I thought had the potential to occupy my time. It wasn't a great choice.

    I have never really been very good at arcade-style games that require precise timing (think original Paperboy), and this game is no exception. I was mildly amused by the concept of a cat knocking around cars on a street, and I chuckled when I collected enough coins to briefly turn my avatar into a Super Box Cat, but I quickly lost interest in the game. "Survival Mode" didn't help either, as I wasn't fast enough to smash all of the cars. I did get some enjoyment out of the "Rush Hour" mode, since all you had to do was smash as many cars as possible within a given amount of time. But yeah, this is not my sort of game. Flappy Golf (another Noodlecake game), however... That one got me all the way to San Diego and back. And more.

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