Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Year: 2002
Genre: Action Role-Playing
Website: http://www.elderscrolls.com/morrowind/

  • Platform: PC
  • Hours logged: 75.0
  • Playthroughs: 1
  • Rating: 8/10

Notes and Discussions:
  • Lee (7/7/2014): This game and I have a long history together. Morrowind was recommended to me a decade ago by a friend, and since it was the same friend that also suggested I play Half-Life 2 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, I picked up a copy...and I loved it! But I didn't beat it. Almost. So close. As in, I quit just before taking on the final fortress thingy. I honestly don't remember why I didn't finish the game, but I have regretted it all of this time. Fast forward a few years, and I found an original Xbox copy of the game to play on my Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the game gathered dust until I sold it. Then a few years later, I got a wild urge to play it again, so I bought a copy of it online from a German game reseller. (It felt kind of sketchy, but the game worked and LOOKED legit...) I played a few hours of it, then got distracted with something else. A few years later, that copy game made it into the Goodwill pile. But then finally, during last year's Steam Summer Sale, there it was. For $10. "Ah, fuck it," said I. And I bought the game a fourth time.

    Knowing that this was likely the last time I would consider playing this game, I stocked the beer cellar, dug out the strategy guide that I bought with the original copy of the game, hung the world map on the wall, and braced myself for adventure. Seventy-five hours of it. And you know what? It was a pretty great time. But the best part...I FINALLY BEAT MORROWIND!

    All in all, Morrowind had a lot to offer. The world was expansive and immersive, and the storyline, factions, and characters were interesting. Most of the quests were intriguing, challenging, and ultimately completable (though some of them did end up being a tad boring and repetitive). The game graphics showed their age a bit, but that didn't detract much from the gameplay for me. The menu systems and controls were a bit clunky and inefficient at times, but were still learnable and usable. And the game only crashed on me a few times...

    In addition to completing the Main Quest, I also became a Master in the Fighters Guild, an Arch-Mage in the Mages Guild, and a Master Thief in the Thieves Guild. I had intended upon finishing the other faction quests too, but that's a ridiculous amount of content, and I have a lot of other games to play.

    So now the question remains: What's next for me within the Elder Scrolls universe? Do I play the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions; move on to the sequel, Oblivion; or skip right to the game that I've been drooling over for years, Skyrim? We'll see...

    BTW...should you decide to give Morrowind a spin, here are a few tips to help you on your way: 1) Find the Boots of Blinding Speed (Google it), and make a "Resist Magicka 100% on Self" spell (name it "Prevent Blindness"). Cast the spell before equipping the boots. It will save you a ton of time. 2) Find Creeper (Google it), and always sell your shit to him. You are welcome.

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